Greetings, Clockwise Kitties and Catwise Clockies (not to mention wise-asses of all shapes and sizes)! Spring is springin’, and possibly sprangin’, and so I figger it’s a great tyme to UNCAGE the CAT. Issue 43 is finally here, after decades of delays (well, okay, months), due to profound family loss (see Editor’s Scratching Post) and some related and unrelated disruptive situations. But the latest Cat is finally being sneezed and wheezed into existence; you may notice a neon yellow “sheen” on the surface of the mag – that pesky pollen gets onto *everything*, I tells ya! And who could blame the trees for inflicting their powdery punishment onto humans who clearly favor creepy cop cities and parking deck dystopias over fantasylands of forests? But I digress – or DO I? After all, Issue 43 is its own fantasyland forest of art, verse and reviews, not to mention a light (pollen-free!) dusting of human and eco-rights flavor to remind us of our shared responsibility to the world! But hey – Zen-Surrealism, the style of the art and verse that pervade the mag, is savvily subversive, and on a warrior path to overthrow our shameful system – amirite, or amirite? So who are our artful artists and authoritative authors? So glad you asked! Eva Skrande is our Featured Femme; her poesie has delirious dimensions, and truly speaks for itself. We also showcase the vivacious verse of Karen Neuberg, Tohm Bakelas, Sheila Murphy, Ian Ganassi, Claudia Wysocky, John Olson, Giorgia Pavlidou, Marianne Szlyk, Mark Young, Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Rob Plath, Marja Hagborg, and so many more versifyin’ versifiers! And then we feature vivid visuals by, among others, the titanically talented John Lincoln, consummate collagists Nelly Sanchez and Bob Heman – and even a luscious bonus photo by Regina A. Walker! And as if we don’t spoil you enough in Issue 43, there are book, movie, and music reviews by yours truly, cuz books, movies, and music is what LYFE be all about. So git yer April Fools on, FOOL – Issue 43 ain’t no JOKE!

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