Clockwise Cat has issues. Forty-two of them to be exact! But this issue, #42, has no issues at all, because it’s PACKED with literary and artistic flavor from all corners of the universe! Well, maybe not ALL corners. But who’s keeping track? After all, the universe is eternally expanding, so it’s impossible to encompass EVERY cosmic nook and cranny. Anyhow, Klocky Kitty Issue #42 – otherwise known as The Feline Times – is itself as expansive as the cosmos, an omniverse of sorts, full of furry purrs, yowling meows, hissy fits and kissy hits. Our Featured Femme will knock your clocks off: Mary Newell, eco-poet and educator, showcases her titanic textual and photographic talents. And we gots additional multi-verse by the likes of: Jacklyn Henry, Eva Skrande, Marja Hagborg, Marc Vincenz, Amy Barone, Nicole Henares, Caroline Reddy, John Olson, Luis Cuauhtémoc Berriozábal, Martine Bellen, Vincent Cellucci, Heath Brougher, Catfish McDaris, Vernon Frazer, Giorgia Pavlidou, and MORE! And then we haz satirical screeds by Jon Wesick (among others), educational ranty rants by Michael Hull and Steven Singer, Stop Cop City polemics by Gloria Tatum, and tirade-tantrums from moi moi moi. Yours truly has also scribbled up some movie and muzak reviewz, as well as reviews of latest tomes by stellar scribes Cindy Hochman, Heller Levinson, and Diane Seuss – and of an earlier tome by John Olson. But wait – there’s more! We didn’t even mention the visuals that vivid-ify our pages. We gots artworks by Bob Heman, Adrian Lincoln, Jeff Wright, Roxanne Beaugh Raine, and a hybridic piece by Simone Keane/Anne Duffy/Warren Lilford that incorporates fiction, photography and modeling!

So git yer zenfully zany and zanily zenful Zen-Surrealist zen and yang on, and clickity click the linkity link, and prepare expand your mind to kosmic kitty proportions! Meowzerz!

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