Issue 40 of Clockwise Cat is lovingly dedicated to our dearly departed (Perpetual) Poet-in-Residence, Felino Soriano. He was a good friend, and we mourn the loss of one of America’s greatest versifiers. And no, that’s not hyperbole. We offer up a mini-tribute to Felino in this issue (including a poetic tribute by Heath Brougher), with a promise to feature a full-length tribute issue to Felino in early Spring, 2019. Captured within these pages, too, are scintillating scribblings by literary luminaries Bob Heman, Marie LeCrivain, Vernon Frazer, Chani Zwibel, Rob Plath, Heller Levinson, Wanda Morrow Clevenger  – and our feisty Featured Femme is the one and only Sheila Murphy. We also showcase vibrant visuals – specifically, collage and photography by David Rodriguez and Gregory Wallace, among others. And naturally, it wouldn’t be a complete issue without terrific tirades and scathing satire – environmental and educational diatribes by Giles Watson and Stephen M. Singer, rants by Lisa Verdekal, and even an anti-PC rebuke by yours truly. Of course, there are mini-reviews in the form of Book Bites, wherein we appraise books by Karen Neuberg, Heller Levinson, and Jeff Wright, because we love them SO VERY MUCH. There is that and SO MUCH MORE, so please, clicky on the linky! 

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