starcat-catstarStarCat/CatStar is dedicated to the memory of David Bowie, that cosmic subversive who’s returned at last to his ethereal home. In this issue, we feature pieces directly inspired by the man from Mars by Ally Malinenko, Simone Keane, and Marie Lecrivain. As if that isn’t enough, our Featured Femme is Jessica Wiseman Lawrence, whose diverse suite of poems is sure to tickle your tentacles. We also haz spanking art from the likes of Kimberly Lorenz-Copeland, Bob Heman, Sheila Murphy, Jay Passer, Allen Forrest; a searing anti-sexism polemic by Giles Watson, not to mention a skewering NFL rant, a blistering Flint tirade, and scaring anti-gun and anti-war satire. A lament by Diana May Waldman softens things a bit, and gives us pause to reflect. But wait! There’s more – we haz reviews galore: Film appraisals of the Revenant and Decline of Western Civilization, music assessments of Atz Kilcher (by revered reviewer Cindy Hochman, no less) as well as Deerhunter, and a book review by yours truly of Heller Levinson’s explosively idiosyncratic epic, Wrack Lariat! But of course, the poesie – always the poesie! We gots voluptuous verse by Jenean Gilstrap, Lana Bella, Catherine Zickgraf, Mercedes Webb Pullman, David Mac, Wanda Morrow Clevenger, Kenneth Salzmann, Michael Lee Johnson, Matt Duggan, Sommer Lyn … the list is as vast as the galaxy presided over by our beloved Starman, so put on your space helmets and soar toward our newest issue! The link to the issue is at the top of this page.

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